Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning, a philosophical and psychological approach to the Subjective

Auteur : Eugene GENDLIN
Thème : Focusing
Année de publication : 1997
Editeur : Northwestern University Press
Langue : Anglais

First edition: New york, Free Press, 1962

This groundbreaking work speaks from the frontiers of philosophy. In Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning, Eugene Gendlin examines the edge of awareness, where language emerges from nonlanguage. In moving back and forth between what is already verbalized and what is as yet unarticulated, he shows how experiencing functions in the transitions between one formulation and the next. A whole array of more than logical "characteristics" enables us to examine as well as to employ this new kind of thinking, which is not merely conceptual because it begins from the intricacy of felt meaning and returns to it again and again.

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